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Gold medal for Savremena third grader Koča Bosiljkić

/ Blog, I-IV / December 19, 2023

Talent and dedication bring success, and once again, our Koča has proven this. 

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This is how third graders create stories through the digital world

/ I-IV, Kombinovani / December 11, 2023

The classroom has become a centre for exploration, creativity and digital transformation.

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Important discussion on health and physical education

/ I-IV, V-VIII / December 8, 2023

This meeting represented an important step toward enhancing the future of students by focusing on the significance of physical education and health in the school system.

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Primary School Savremena marked International Day against Drug Abuse with a lecture by Dr Igor Pantić

/ I-IV, Kombinovani, Nacionalni, V-VIII / December 6, 2023

On 6 December, an inspiring lecture on the topic of fighting addiction was held at Primary School Savremena by Dr Igor Pantić, a renowned specialist in psychiatry. This initiative is part of the school’s tradition that commemorates World AIDS Day.

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The first snow brought true New Year’s euphoria

/ I-IV / December 5, 2023

The first snow has arrived and our fourth-grade students, engulfed in the holiday spirit, welcomed it together, like a real family!

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Virtual magic of class IV-3: Exploration and presentation in the digital world!

/ I-IV, Kombinovani / December 4, 2023

An exciting digital world class brings a small spectacle – the students of class IV-3 created a real online presentation of their work!

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Clay Magic: IV-3 students bring art to life

/ I-IV, Kombinovani / December 1, 2023

The teacher shares the joy of the extraordinary works created by the students.

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Balloons and laughter: Fourth-grade students transform PE class

/ I-IV, Kombinovani, Nacionalni / November 30, 2023

The students of class IV-3 made their PE class unforgettable by using balloons, creating moments of joy they captured in photos.

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School project “Older brother, older sister”: Together towards new friendships

/ I-IV, Kombinovani, V-VIII / November 21, 2023

This year’s school programme has been enriched with the project “Older brother, older sister”, which aims to connect students from higher and lower grades through various activities.

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International Day for Tolerance at Savremena: Important lessons we don’t neglect!

/ I-IV, Kombinovani, Nacionalni, V-VIII, Vannastavna podrška / November 16, 2023

Our students are highly motivated when it comes to participating in interactive workshops, so we take every opportunity to mark significant international dates.

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Truly different Digital Literacy class for students attending the Combined programme at Primary School Savremena

/ Blog, I-IV, Kombinovani / November 14, 2023

Students of our school attending the Combined programme had a very interesting Digital Literacy class.

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Visit to the Museum of Applied Art reveals fears and courage through creativity!

/ I-IV, Uncategorized, V-VIII / November 11, 2023

Students from the first to the fourth grade visited the Museum of Applied Art and enjoyed the artistic works of their peers.

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Computer Science beyond the screen: An interesting panel discussion at Primary School Savremena

/ I-IV, V-VIII / November 10, 2023

Keeping up with the trends in education, a panel discussion was held at Primary School Savremena in honour of World Development Information Day.

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Students discovered the wonders of the Natural History Museum

/ I-IV, V-VIII / November 5, 2023

Students from the first to fourth grade visited the Natural History Museum last week, where an exhibition titled “Nature and Language” was held. The exhibition presented various natural phenomena to visitors in a very realistic and vivid manner.

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Light from the classroom: Teacher Gordana Pavlović reveals the magic of the first school day through poetry!

/ I-IV, V-VIII / November 2, 2023

We always take pride in the achievements of our students, but this time it’s our turn to boast about our teacher, Gordana Pavlović!

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Learning through Art: Connecting subjects through Art highlights our students’ talents!

/ I-IV, V-VIII / November 1, 2023

At our school, we make an effort to frequently incorporate play and creativity into our learning process.

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Another joyful Children’s Week at Primary School Savremena

/ Blog, I-IV / October 11, 2023

Once again this year, students and teachers from Primary School Savremena participated in the celebration of Children’s Week, the largest national event for the protection and promotion of children’s rights.

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We celebrated the European Day of Languages

/ Blog, I-IV, V-VIII / October 2, 2023

European Day of Languages, an initiative aimed at promoting language learning and understanding of other cultures, was celebrated in our school as well.

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Students from class IV-1 at the workshop “Robots for Sustainable Development”

/ I-IV / September 29, 2023

Our students from class IV-1 participated in the workshop “Robots for Sustainable Development”, which is organised by the Science Festival and UŠĆE Shopping Center.

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“Classroom without walls” for a joyful start to the school year

/ Blog, I-IV, Kombinovani / September 19, 2023

The first week of the new school year started joyfully with the traditional activity “Classroom without walls”.

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The Tree of Emotions

/ Blog, I-IV, Nacionalni / September 19, 2023

Traditionally, for the fifth year in a row, students at Primary School Savremena, alongside their teachers, school psychologist, and class teachers, participate in the activity called the Tree of Emotions.

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SHTEAM as a logical continuation of STEAM

/ Blog, Erasmus+, I-IV, Kombinovani, Math&Move, Nacionalni, V-VIII / September 18, 2023

Primary School Savremena is known for its efforts to move away from traditional education towards more modern educational systems. One of these systems is STEM, and its older sibling is SHTEAM.

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Interactive teaching of mathematics in younger grades of primary school

/ Blog, Erasmus+, I-IV, Kombinovani, Math&Move, Nacionalni / September 16, 2023

Interactive teaching is a modern teaching system that strives to overcome student passivity and the lack of interaction present in traditional teaching.

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Growing and learning through stories

/ Blog, CARE2LEARN, Erasmus+, I-IV, Kombinovani, Math&Move, V-VIII / September 14, 2023

For most of us, in a corner of our minds, lingers the memory of the stories our parents told us when we were little. What child has not been amazed, transported and captivated by these stories?

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Second-grade students participated in the workshop “In Someone Else’s Shoes”

/ Blog, I-IV / September 12, 2023

The workshop “In someone else’s shoes”, which was held at our school on Friday, 8 September, aimed to help students get to know each other better and understand each other’s actions. 

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Savremena’s students scored above the international average on Checkpoint Examinations

/ Cambridge, I-IV, V-VIII / August 9, 2023

At the recently held Checkpoint examinations for the subjects English as a Second Language and Global Perspectives, our students achieved scores that surpassed the international average.

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Celebration held in honour of eighth-grade students

/ Blog, I-IV, Kombinovani, Nacionalni, Uncategorized, V-VIII / July 5, 2023

Traditionally, on Vidovdan, the eighth-grade students, our little graduates, were awarded their final report cards, as well as awards for the most successful students – the valedictorian, the pride of the generation, and recipients of the Vuk’s diploma. Dositej’s diplomas and awards for students who achieved success in competitions were also presented.

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Awards presented to our straight-A students and valedictorian in the Municipality of Novi Beograd

/ Blog, I-IV, Kombinovani, Nacionalni, V-VIII / July 4, 2023

The dedication and progress of our students have finally been recognised and rewarded as they rightfully deserve. We proudly celebrated their exceptional achievements throughout their primary education at the premises of the Novi Beograd municipality.

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Solar Tree – a symbol of innovation and environmental consciousness of Savremena students

/ Blog, I-IV, Kombinovani, Nacionalni, V-VIII / June 26, 2023

At Primary School Savremena, we nurture the spirit of innovation and a deep awareness of the importance of preserving our planet. With their creativity and love for the environment, Savremena students have inspired us to implement a special project that promotes ecological responsibility.

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The first generation of students celebrated the end of fourth grade at our school

/ Blog, I-IV, Kombinovani, Nacionalni, Uncategorized, V-VIII / June 16, 2023

The graduation ceremony, organised by fourth-grade students of our school, was held on Tuesday, 13 June. This was a special moment, especially because it marked the first generation of students enrolled in Primary School Savremena.

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