Unique digital badges for Savremena’s students

Increasingly significant confirmation of knowledge and skills

As the most modern school in the region, Savremena provides its students with a way to acquire a high level of knowledge and skills that will prepare them for the 21st century. Firmly believing that every child is entitled to quality education, Savremena has provided further benefits for the students – the option of attending additional courses through an interactive online learning platform.

Relying on the latest international developments in education, we prepare our students to firmly step into the world of tomorrow equipped with the right knowledge and skills.

Through these courses, adequate for their age, Savremena’s students will build new and expand existing knowledge in the realms of English, programming, image editing, mathematics and internet and computing fundamentals, and acquire quite valuable digital credentials. And the process is sure to be fun, too, because at Savremena, learning is truly different, interactive and entertaining. 

What are digital badges exactly and why are they so valued in Serbia and abroad now?

According to the global body in charge of digital badges – IMS Global Consortium, a digital badge is a “a digital record of achievement – a verifiable credential that describes specific skills demonstrated by an individual and often includes actual evidence used to evaluate the individual’s achievement”.

Simply put: a digital badge is a testimony of acquired knowledge and skills, and, as a result of the application of blockchain technology, each badge of this type contains a readable metadata set that allows it to be verified. This metadata provides information on the identity of the badge holder, who issued it, what criteria were met, the duration of the certificate, and other relevant information.

Digital badges as a 21st century need

As a part of its lifelong learning agenda, the European Union has emphasised the development of digital skills among the citizens, to provide everyone with opportunities to contribute to the economic development and the digital green transition. From the first steps on the educational path, the individual is encouraged to enrich the existing and adopt new knowledge and skills throughout their professional career and provide an adequate response to 21st century work dynamics and all the changes in knowledge, skills and work positions that the contemporary world brings along.

In addition to the traditional forms of certification of educational achievements and the gained experience in the form of diplomas, curricula and portfolios, the possession of digital badges is becoming increasingly necessary when it comes to the adequate competencies when looking for work.

In the digital world, this type of certification is becoming more and more important in the academic and professional career of an individual, and an increasingly relevant consideration for potential employers.I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Digital certificate as means for students to stand out

In the academic and professional world, a diploma is highly valued, but the key lies in the possession of additional knowledge and skills. Digital badges are the result of the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies in education, and easily verifiable proof that the individual has additional competencies.

A great number of renowned educational institutions promote digital badges and their value, as the prevalent opinion, globally, is becoming that digital badges enrich not only a person’s portfolio, but also their personality, and serve as a confirmation of a comprehensive education. Individuals who hold them have better chances of being accepted into the desired university or get a job they have applied for.

Important testimony of Savremena’s students’ competencies in the digital world 

To help provide the students with the best international education with prestigious competencies relevant for further education, Primary School Savremena has additionally developed an innovative online platform for modern kids, where they can choose among additional courses in accordance with their own interests.

At this platform, the students can develop their creativity and skills, choose courses that they find interesting, and solidify and expand their knowledge in the areas where they wish to develop. This is even more important now, as the acquired knowledge can be verified with a digital badge.

At the end of a successful course, their effort will be rewarded by a prestigious digital badge, which constitutes an international acknowledgement of the knowledge and skills acquired through the course.

In addition to the highly valued diploma received at the end of their time at school, digital badges increase the chances of success in further education, speaking about the students’ efforts and achievements and preparing them for the jobs of the future.


Savremena is always in step with global trends in education

As the region’s most modern school, Savremena is responsive to the global educational trends, and this is why it has decided to introduce blockchain technology into its practices. Digital badges that the students receive upon the completion of additional courses through the online platform are part of this new pathway.

These badges, along with the abilities and competencies from different areas, will go a long way towards ensuring a bright future for your child in later education and career, and prepare them for continual advancement, which is a highly esteemed characteristic in the contemporary academic and business landscape.

Savremena’s students are accustomed to a high-quality, truly different model of education. We eagerly await the beginning of their new path of progress, the one they are about to take through the interactive online platform.

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