9D VR Starship – the past, present and future in one place

At Primary School Savremena we know that learning through fun yields the best results. Therefore, we take great pride in the fact that Savremena is the first school in Serbia whose students can learn using the state-of-the-art 9D VR Starship.

Every day, Savremena’s primary students learn, explore, spend time together and have fun while travelling around the Solar System, steering Santa's sleds, or riding down a breathtaking roller coaster. They can choose between more than 100 educational films in 9D technology designed to enhance our knowledge in a groundbreaking way.

We learn about human anatomy, enjoy diving in oceans and seas, fly over the most wonderful mountain ranges, walk with dinosaurs, visit the most beautiful cities in the world… All this using the Starship, a state-of-the-art VR device that blends the past, present and future, where fun and learning have the same meaning.

6 dof platform
with organic cladding

What does the
VR Starship offer?

More than 100

We provide many short films which allow us to travel to various destinations and learn lots of useful things.

Sit back and
enjoy the ride

A spaceship has never been more attractive, with comfortable seats ensuring a fantastic experience.

A 360°

Easy steering and a 360° angle allows children to have a full-on experience in the Starship.

A journey
for 6

The Starship can carry 6 persons, because it’s always best to learn and have fun with your friends.


The students have a feeling they're flying, they can feel the wind blowing, touch the dinosaurs or swim with the dolphins. 9D Starship is an experience for all senses.

Perfect sound
and image

High resolution and excellent sound contribute to the sensation of having flown to your desired destination.

600 seconds
of the future

Each month we have more and more films designed specifically for the Starship. The films are up to 10 minutes long and can easily hold the children’s attention in all age groups.


Although the VR Starship is primarily intended as a teaching resource, it’s also indispensable during recess and playtime.

From dinosaurs to Saturn

The VR Starship has a wealth of possibilities. At Primary School Savremena, it has a double role: it’s the perfect teacher that can teach you lots of interesting things, but it can also be your best friend who will engage in your favourite games. The choices are endless.

The films shown in the 9D VR Starship have a duration of 2 to 10 minutes. The content of the films is diverse: Some are designed to facilitate scientific program processing, some explore natural riches and the unknown vastness of the universe, while others serve solely for leisure and entertainment.

For navigation purposes, the films are classified into several main categories which are real treasure troves! Here are some of the most interesting categories.

Dinosaur Valley

An unforgettable roller coaster ride that takes you to the age of dinosaurs and allows you to meet these wonderful but sadly extinct animals.

Destination: Saturn

You can travel not only beyond Earth, but beyond our galaxy. However, before you leave the Milky Way, enjoy a visit to Saturn and Mars.

The Statue of Liberty

The best-known American landmark is located in New York and you can visit it without leaving Belgrade. During this journey, you will get to know many American traditions.

Star Wars

You have the opportunity to drive the famous Republic Fighter Tank from one of the best-known and most-loved SF franchises, and take part in the fight against evil forces.

Knight and Dragon Fight

A front-row ticket for the mythical fight between brave knights and scary dragons. Keep your eyes open to avoid the arrows flying by.

Underwater Adventures

Large bodies of water have always sparked admiration, particularly because of their unexplored depths, which hide wonderful sights, but also grave dangers.

Introduction to Anatomy

A unique opportunity to learn about human anatomy and explore the inner workings of one of the most perfect mechanisms in nature – the human body.

Virtual reality
facilitates learning

It’s a scientific fact that people learn more efficiently through hands-on experience than just by reading. This is precisely the biggest advantage of VR in education.

The ability to travel far away or explore the human body is invaluable for science and education. The human brain accepts the virtual tours as something that actually happened, which is why this experience is so realistic and stays permanently in our memory.

Given that these experiences can be used in multiple fields of science, such as medicine, history, geography or maths, we take great pride in the fact that Primary School Savremena is the first school in Serbia to use the 9D Starship for educational purposes.

A study from 2019 showed that knowledge gained through some form of virtual reality is 9% more durable. In addition, the study indicated that students who combined VR and classical teaching methods in biology classes achieved better results than those who didn’t.