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New Nordic School Program

Finland’s education has been known as the world’s best educational system for a long time. The principles on which this system is founded prepare students for a successful life and work in the 21st century by teaching them to be curious, resourceful and persistent in acquiring new knowledge. In addition, the teachers who work in such systems are creative, devoted and persistent in their endeavors to help each child obtain key knowledge and reach their full potential, in accordance with their needs and affinities.

Savremena is the only school in the region that officially introduces Finland’s educational model to students in the form of the Nordic Baccalaureate program, being an official partner of New Nordic School. Savremena primary students can in this way enjoy a carefully blended combination of the best elements from Serbian, international and Finnish education.


New Nordic School Educational System transforms education from the preschool age all the way to university.

The base of such an innovative approach is the Finnish curriculum enhanced by the world’s best teaching practice. Its aim is to give students customized, interdisciplinary knowledge that can be applied all over the world. 

Together with their partners, New Nordic School presents personalized, purposeful learning, thus creating a unique educational pathway for each child.

Savremena is the only official partner of the prestigious New Nordic School in the region, which allows it to bring its students top-quality Finland’s education.

Happy students grow into successful people

Finland has for years been known as the world’s happiest country, and one of the reasons for this is a good school system that cultivates true values and brings comprehensive, efficient knowledge. The Finnish model is based on investigating phenomena, acquiring competencies, and linking knowledge from various areas. In this way, students become able to successfully apply concepts acquired at school in different areas of social life as a set of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills.

The Finnish program encourages students to develop their innate creativity, discover their true interests, and freely shape their own future. Such students are happier, which later helps them become successful.

What does the Nordic Baccalaureate program bring to Savremena’s primary students?

Nordic Baccalaureate is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program that brings personalized, purposeful learning. It is an advanced program which has been created so as to provide students with valuable knowledge, skills and tools for shaping their future. Nordic Baccalaureate is based on the main principles of Finnish education such as: personalized learning, investigatory approach, collaboration, and student as the active participant of the learning process.

This program is also a mixture of world’s best teaching practices and it has been adapted to different local contexts. Owing to this, Savremena primary students acquire knowledge that can be used all around the world, but which can also be applied in their own environment.

The Nordic Baccalaureate program also contains United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals which concern curriculum globalization and raising awareness on the importance of social and economic development. In this way, students not only acquire knowledge and skills, but also significant global citizenship values, without which success in any democratic society is nowadays inconceivable.

Six principles of Nordic Baccalaureate program in Savremena


Students get ready to succeed in an uncertain future by means of acquiring skills such as creativity, teamwork and critical thinking. They pick up these skills through lessons in different subjects, and they apply them to real-world problem-solving.


We give learning a wider meaning by linking knowledge in various subjects with UN Sustainable Development Goals which serve as topics that show students how they can apply classroom knowledge in the real world.


Integrating knowledge of different subjects into a coherent whole. Students link knowledge of various subjects through numerous tasks that they solve together with their friends, teachers and parents in a meaningful, customized way.


Students acquire modern education competencies by turning them into practical learning competencies that can be applied in various contexts.


Learning adapted to each student enables them to develop at their own pace. Students’ wishes, needs and affinities become the focus of what they learn and create in school.


Students approach their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in a holistic manner as they carefully integrate academic learning, physical activity and meaningful practice into their everyday activities. Such practice helps students to be present at all times, it reduces stress and increases their learning potential.

Savremena primary students are ready to succeed in the uncertain future

According to the framework created by the World Economic Forum, “Education 4.0“, the key skills that students should acquire in order to succeed in the 21st century are: global citizenship skills, innovation and creativity, technological skills and human relations skills.

The Nordic Baccalaureate program in Savremena enables students to discover their strengths, passions and interests through a combination of mandatory subjects and extracurricular activities based on students’ interests.

This is how Savremena primary students discover their life calling through the Finnish education approach. They also learn how classroom knowledge can affect real life, they participate in practical activities and in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Finland’s educational model in Savremena:

cares about students’ talents, interests and wishes;
bridges the gap between the classroom and the real world;
develops students’ knowledge and skills which are highly appreciated by contemporary employers and universities;
shows students how to take care of their physical and mental health;
helps students to become empathic and persistent in overcoming problems and challenges.

Thanks to Finnish education, Savremena primary students grow into successful, happy and complete young people who possess contemporary knowledge and are able to manage different contexts and unpredictable circumstances.

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