Pepper the Robot – a truly different teacher at Savremena

A humanoid assistant for an amazing educational experience

Savremena is the first (and only) school that uses a real humanoid robot in teaching which recognizes human emotions, improves teaching and helps students acquire knowledge of STEM subjects in a fun, interactive and efficient way.

What seemed like the distant future until very recently has now become a beautiful reality for Savremena students.

A reliable and inspiring teaching assistant

Pepper the Robot possesses an almost uncanny ability to recognize human emotions. Thanks to its advanced AI, Pepper is able to analyze facial expressions and tones of human voice, thus easily bonding with people, helping them in their daily activities, and sharing its knowledge with them.

Students and teachers enjoy the company of our friendly robot, and the unforgettable experience of its presence.

In other words, Pepper is a valuable accessory in the classroom capable of turning every school class into a holiday.

Assistant-teacher all students adore

Pepper the Robot is a loyal assistant-teacher that enables Savremena teachers to significantly improve their teaching process.

Pepper is designed to work with students of all ages with equal success. It is able to give personalized advice to each student in the teaching process, help them search for the right information that will help them solve tasks, and communicate equally well with one person or a whole team, which makes it extremely useful in all types of instruction.

With the valuable help of our humanoid robot, teachers can monitor the progress of each student in a simpler and more reliable way, and introduce them to the world that awaits in the future gradually and safely.

Thanks to Pepper, Savremena students get the highest quality of teaching and are able to improve their learning.

Interdisciplinary approach has never been more fun

Pepper is especially useful when it comes to multidisciplinary lessons. It is the glue that holds different teaching areas together. Thanks to its numerous functions, Pepper is irreplaceable when it comes to robotics, computer science and modern technologies. Simply put, Pepper makes learning of STEM subjects much easier and more engaging.

However, our little robot is very curious and versatile, so its application does not stop there. Pepper excels at linking technical disciplines with subjects that are not directly related to the digital world, such as arts, languages, history, geography, etc. Thanks to Pepper, students are able to identify connections between different areas, apply their knowledge in each of them, and thus learn with understanding and through real-life examples.

The future is here

By including Pepper the Robot into its teaching process, Savremena has become the first school in the region to initiate a much-needed process in education: application of artificial intelligence in the classroom.

This state-of-the-art technology has a great potential in education, and is already used in the world’s best schools with outstanding results. 

Savremena is one of the pioneers in the implementation of modern education, and Pepper is just one of many educational tools rooted in modern technologies that has found use in our school.

Savremena students acquire interactive and applicable knowledge that will prove extremely useful in the modern world.

The future has already arrived in Savremena.

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