Education at Savremena is supported by the latest technology, carefully selected to make it easier for the children to adopt new knowledge in an interesting and efficient way. In addition to traditional skills and competencies gained through elementary education, Savremena’s students have the benefit of additional programmes that make them familiar with the following technologies and let them take their first steps in the IT world.

Latest generation iPads and laptops

State-of-the-art laptops and tablets are continually available to Savremena’s students. The combination of these devices and adequate educational programmes lets them adopt knowledge through exploration and fun.

Sphero Mini robot

This is a multipurpose educational device used at a specially designed range. Working with this robot, your child develops various competences – from STEAM, through language, to logical and creative thinking.

Robots mBot and Ultimate 2.0

Using these robots, children develop engineering and mathematics knowledge. The students assemble the robots in more that 20 ways, and then use simple block coding to program them to execute different commands.

MeeBot Kit

With this set, the students assemble and design a robot with no additional tools. The children then use the already familiar Swift platform to program it to move in various ways.

LEGO Simple Machines Set

Using LEGO blocks designed for education and the adoption of STEM knowledge, your child builds gears, levers, wheels and axles and learns how they work.

Alpha Pro and Sphero SPRK +

These robots constitute STEM tools designed for older children to help them learn coding and further develop their science, technology, engineering and mathematics knowledge.

Ultimate Starter Learning Kit for Raspberry Pi

This set comprises over 50 electronic components and 180 parts and lets the children express their creativity with no software and hardware limitations. Using this tool, your child masters the fundamentals of Linux programming and electronics.

3D pen, printer and scanner

3D pen lets the students draw in three dimensions, directly creating tangible objects. A 3D printer prints objects layer by layer, creating anything that’s required – from machine parts, through toys, to human organs. 3D scanner gathers information on three-dimensional objects and creates a digital model.

Interactive whiteboard

With this type of whiteboard, the teacher can use a number of materials on the surface; to mark, zoom, underline and draw using touch. This makes it easier for children to follow the lessons and save them to their own devices using the sharing option.

Amazon Echo

With this voice sensitive device, the children ask a number of questions and get answers about natural phenomena, historical events, book contents, etc.

Interactive table

This touch sensitive device has been designed to be used by several persons at the same time, which teaches children about teamwork by knowledge adoption through play.

Samsung Gear VR

Virtual reality headset lets children visualise the concepts encountered in class, which helps them immerse themselves into the teaching process and get the information they need.


An indispensable “member” of our STEAM lab is MiRo-E, an interactive robot pet, designed in order to facilitate knowledge adoption when it comes to programming and the STEAM subjects, as well as to help students develop their problem solving approach and lateral thinking, and set their creativity free.

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