The second international meeting of the CARE2LEARN project at Primary School Savremena

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The second international meeting of the CARE2LEARN project at Primary School Savremena

We were introduced to the demo version of the CARE2LEARN application

The second international project meeting of the Erasmus+ CARE2LEARN project was held on 9 November at Primary School Savremena.

Partners from Croatia, from the Faculty of Teacher Education in Zagreb, as well as members of the Parents’ Association “Step by Step”, were guests of Savremena, while partners from Cyprus attended the meeting online. The CARE2LEARN project is part of the international programme of the European Commission Erasmus+ and is aimed at the youngest and the very beginning of education. The Erasmus+ programme is aimed at the education, training and mobility of young people, as well as cooperation with institutions and organisations in the field of education.

The goals of the CARE2LEARN project are:

1. Increasing early key competencies and thus the likelihood of early academic success and positive life outcomes for children.
2. Increasing the capacity of parents of preschool children to provide support to their children when it comes to the development of early key competencies needed to start school.
3. Reducing pressure on educators and teachers through greater involvement of parents in their children’s education.

At the meeting in Savremena, the first demo version of the CARE2LEARN application was presented, through which parents and children will be able to practice early key competencies that facilitate the transition from preschool to primary school.

In the afternoon after the meeting, the partners had the opportunity to walk around the school and get to know our premises and the way in which classes are conducted.

At Savremena, we are constantly working to improve education in all areas, and we are always interested and motivated to provide children with the best possible educational experience. These kinds of meetings are important to us because through the exchange of experience we gain invaluable knowledge.