Easter egg masterpieces

Savremena’s artists: Easter egg masterpieces

/ / Blog, I-IV, Kombinovani, Nacionalni, V-VIII / April 21, 2020

Savremena’s artists: Easter egg masterpieces

The artistic talents and creativity of Savremena’s primary school students resulted in true masterpieces in the Easter egg decoration competition.

Savremena’s artists invested a lot of effort; with their precise and skilful use of the brushes, cardboard, glitter and other materials, they showed their love of art and tradition in a unique manner. They truly are the pride and joy of the parents and teachers.

Daria Denisova

Many students took part in the Easter competition, using diverse motifs for their colourful eggs, from superheroes to chickens and bunnies.

Finally, after a lot of thinking, the jury gave first prize to Daria Denisova, student of class I-1, who combined flora and fauna motifs in an original manner.

Congratulations to Daria and all other Savremena’s artists. We’re looking forward to new competitions and entertaining events.

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