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First-graders Daria Denisova and Petar Stamenić shine at the Misliša 2020 mathematical competition

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First-graders Daria Denisova and Petar Stamenić shine at the Misliša 2020 mathematical competition

Daria Denisova and Petar Stamenić, class I-1 students at Primary School Savremena, had an excellent performance at Misliša 2020, the 15th edition of the mathematical competition organised by the Archimedes Mathematical Society.

More than 54,500 primary school students from all over Serbia took part in the jubilee edition of this renowned competition. Savremena’s first-graders, whose talent is fostered and developed by teacher Branka Đurović, were among the best, having shown a remarkable level of knowledge.

With 56 points out of the maximum 60, Darija Denisova came second in the Year 1 category, while her classmate received praise for winning 47 points.

Who are Savremena’s geniuses?

Daria is a versatile student; apart from having great maths skills, she is great at drawing, singing, and acting. She loves animals and flowers and enjoys small tokens of affection.

Petar is curious and loves exploring, discovering and learning new things.

Daria i Petar matematički genijalci

In addition to being successful students, they enjoy playing with their peers, and look forward to the shared accomplishments and new challenges that lie ahead.

About Misliša

Misliša is a national mathematical competition for primary and secondary school students, organised by the Archimedes Mathematical Society from Belgrade since 2006.
The idea behind the competition is to promote maths and motivate students to develop logical and combinatory skills and a love for the subject through interesting tasks.

Misliša was supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia in December 2005 and has been included in the competition calendar published each year by the ministry.

Congratulations, Darija and Petar! We are certain there will be many similar awards and accomplishments in the future!

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