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An online holiday exhibition by Savremena’s primary school students

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An online holiday exhibition by Savremena’s primary school students

A basket full of colourful eggs, a chocolate bunny, Easter songs, art workshops, a special performance and lots of good fun with schoolmates…

This is how Easter was supposed to be celebrated at Primary School Savremena. Unfortunately, these unprecedented circumstances have prevented the primary school students to celebrate this important holiday in the usual manner.

However, although the school is empty and the watercolour painting sets are in the cabinets, the creative students continue creating great works of art.

Art stronger than the coronavirus

Online holiday exhibition

Year 4 students of Primary School Savremena have created true masterpieces and wished each other a happy Easter.

This led to a unique online exhibition showing that the most modern primary school in the country and the region has true artists whose talent and skills are not hindered by these extraordinary circumstances.

Young artist

Easter is a holiday one spends with one’s family, and we wish Savremena’s primary school students and their loved ones plenty of health and joy. We also sincerely hope we will soon see each other at Primary School Savremena, where we will continue to spend time together, play, learn and create works of art.

Happy Easter!

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