The fourth international meeting of the “CARE2LEARN” project at the “Step by Step” Parents’ Association in Zagreb

/ / Blog, CARE2LEARN, Erasmus+ / April 2, 2024

The fourth international meeting of the ``CARE2LEARN`` project at the ``Step by Step`` Parents' Association in Zagreb

We tested the ``CARE2LEARN`` app.

Representatives from the Savremena Elementary School, Katarina Mladenović – psychologist – and Milena Tarbuk – school principal – participated in the international project meeting regarding the Erasmus+ project “CARE2LEARN” on March 27, 2024, in Zagreb.

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The meeting hosts were representatives of partners from Croatia – the “Step by Step” Parents’ Association from Zagreb. Partners from the Faculty of Education in Zagreb and the educational center “Emphasys” from Nicosia, Cyprus, were also present at the meeting. The “CARE2LEARN” project is part of the Erasmus+ international program and is focused on the youngest and the early stages of education. 

The goals of the “CARE2LEARN” project are directed towards preschool children and their parents. One of the objectives is to increase the capacity of preschool parents to recognize and develop key competencies for starting school, as well as to support the educational process..

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During the meeting, partners exchanged experiences from pilot testing of the “CARE2LEARN” app on a sample of parents of future first graders, and assessments of experts in partner countries on the quality of the developed app were also exchanged. Through the app, parents can assess the status of their children regarding the development of competencies for starting first grade, and then they can practice certain competencies to facilitate the transition from preschool education to elementary school. The next steps in developing the final version of this educational app were agreed upon at the meeting, as well as activities for the final promotion of the app to the wider population.

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At Savremena, we continuously work on improving education in all areas and are always interested and motivated to provide children with the best possible educational experience. Such meetings are important to us because through the exchange of experiences, we gain invaluable knowledge.