UNICEF and Savremena have a challenge for you: Show us how you play

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UNICEF and Savremena have a challenge for you: Show us how you play

Primary School Savremena is an educational institution where teaching activities have a central place in the curriculum and are implemented using interesting and entertaining methods. Play has an invaluable importance for the development and growth of school children, which is why one has to approach it in a studious and detailed manner.

In the current situation when we are practically not leaving our homes, it is quite possible that play has been reduced to a minimum or is nearly non-existent, which is not good.

In order to underline its significance and encourage children to play as much as possible in these unprecedented circumstances, Primary School Savremena has joined a challenge started by UNICEF.

What do you need to do?

UNICEF Challenge

The prescribed social isolation measures yield the best results in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, but they also bring changes in the daily routine of families. These days, children are spending more time at home and parents may feel additional pressure and responsibility to organise the kids’ daily activities. This is why playing together can help both the parents and the children. The children will feel safer in these uncertain times; they will process confusing information more easily, bond with their parents and expand their capacity and skills for future challenges in life.

UNICEF - Show us how you play

UNICEF invites the parents to share photos and videos of them playing with their children at home. In order to join this challenge, post a photo or a video on your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) using the hashtag #KutakZaIgru and #LearningAtHome, and tag @unicefsrbija so that UNICEF can see your posts.

You can see UNICEF’s suggestions for games HERE, and the page is updated with new ideas on a daily basis.

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