Robotics teacher Maja Babić and Pepper at a scientific conference

/ / Blog / June 3, 2024

Robotics teacher Maja Babić and Pepper at a scientific conference

Robot Pepper and Maja Babić at the LINK IT & EdTech24 conference

The International Scientific Conference LINK IT & EdTech24, organized by the Faculty of Contemporary Arts (FSU), the Higher School of Vocational Studies for Information Technologies (ITS), and the Institute for Modern Education (IMO), was held from 24 to 25 May in a hybrid format. The conference was ceremoniously opened by the robot Pepper, presented by robotics teacher Maja Babić from the Primary School Savremena.

Significance of the Conference

The LINK IT & EdTech24 conference highlighted the importance of using advanced technologies in education. Participants had the opportunity to learn how robots, such as Pepper, can enhance students’ technological skills, develop their critical thinking and creativity, and make education more interactive and effective.

Maja Babić and Pepper: Modern Educators

Robotics teacher Maja Babić, who teaches at the Primary School Savremena, had the honor of presenting the robot Pepper at the conference. Pepper, as a teaching assistant, is already well known to students at the Primary School Savremena. He assists in learning and makes lessons more interesting and dynamic. You can find out more about Pepper and his role in education here.

Pepper has become a symbol of a modern approach to education, and with the support of teacher Maja Babić, students at the Primary School Savremena have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest technological advancements and develop skills that are crucial for the future.