Savremena Champions Day – A Day to Remember!

/ / Blog / June 4, 2024

Savremena Champions Day - A Day to Remember!

This is a school of champions, and it is time to celebrate all your successes! 


We have witnessed hundreds of your successes. We have kept our fingers crossed and provided support in school, sports, artistic, and all other competitions that you have conquered, and we have rejoiced in all your small and big victories.

We are proud that our school community is made up of dedicated, smart, hardworking, and exceptionally versatile children, who will surely make a difference and achieve great things in the future.

For our champions - a champion's day

Inspired by your stories, medals, successes, and awards, we have realized that, this school year, you definitely deserved more than just “Bravo.”

Therefore, we have decided to celebrate all your achievements appropriately, and on this occasion, we invite you to the Savremena Champions Day.

Mark your calendars immediately for Saturday, 8 June, because this is an event you don’t want to miss! Moms and dads, we expect you too – so we can all support our champions together!

Is your class the ULITMATIVE champion?

After so many competitions you have gone through and where you have won medals and trophies, it’s time for the ultimate competition! On Saturday, we will officially find out which are the best classes in several different categories – and then the best of the best: a reward follows! Come and see if your class is the best and most awarded, or if you have the most athletes, artists, or successes in school competitions.

Judging by the current results, it will be very close! All classes have submitted their achievements, and a small difference can make the decision. Therefore, it is extremely important that, if you haven’t already, fill out this questionnaire and contribute your successes to your class’s chance of being chosen as the most awarded and then rewarded again by Savremena!

Creativity, Effort, and Work in Action: School Assembly

The best way to kick off Champions Day is the school assembly of our champions, prepared every year for the School Day. This assembly is the result of weeks of hard work by our students and teachers, who have invested a lot of effort and imagination. Students have prepared diverse performances including music, dance, dramatic presentations, and much more. We are confident that their performances will amaze you and showcase all the talent and creativity our school nurtures. The assembly will take place before the awards ceremony at 11 a.m.

Savremena Champions with Big Hearts: We Do Not Forget Humanity

True champions always strive to help others with their successes, especially those who need help the most. Therefore, tickets for this event are “purchased” with a charitable donation, and all funds are directed to humanitarian purposes. At Savremena, we cultivate empathy and humanity every day – we know that we can all be champions with big hearts and that, in the end, this is what matters most.

From Savemena Family to Those in Need

The foundation “Porodica” (“Family”) was established this year by Nikola Rokvić and his wife Bojana Barović, with the aim of promoting, protecting, and improving the family as one of the most important institutions of the 21st century. The foundation engages in humanitarian activities, social and health care, and provides support to children and youth. We have all witnessed the champion endeavor undertaken by Nikola Rokvić when he embarked on a journey of 1060 kilometers and raised over 30 million dinars for charitable purposes.

On this journey, we want our champions to join him! All funds raised will be donated to the “Porodica” foundation, making all Savemena champions part of a great, beautiful, and important initiative that changes the lives of many.

Čekajte, čekajte, ovo je najbolji deo

Umalo da zaboravimo ono najzabavnije: oooobavezno ponesite majicu za presvlačenje, jer smo za vas spremili najbolju žurku i veliko iznenađenje (mig, mig). 

Radujemo se da vas sve vidimo!